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The best thing about the Slidavan is the fact that it is a trailer, not a caravan. It needs no special insurance, registration or licence to tow one. So long as you stay below the towing weight limit of your car and fit the right lights, reflectors and a number plate you're good to go. This applies in Europe, laws may be different in your country so check first! 
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Although the Slidavan is not very aerodynamic it really doesn't matter because its compact size when in road mode means that it is mostly tucked in behind the tow car and offers very little resistance. The Slidavan is actually attached to the car on the left although it's almost impossible to see! Being so light as well means that you will hardly notice it. Under most circumstances you can drive just as fast as you would without it attached. The only time you need to slow down is going over speed bumps as the suspension on most trailers is very rudimentary and doesn't have much movement. Fuel consumption is barely affected.
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The bright and spacious interior consists of two settee bunks wide enough to sleep on or by simply dropping in the seat backs, a very wide double bed can quickly be made. There is a good sized table which bolts to the front panel. At the rear of the Slidavan there is a kitchen area with room enough for a small hob and sink. The other side is left open so you can decide how to fit it out. It could be used for a shower or simply as a place to stow extra things when camping.
The Slidavan is a lightweight 2 berth telescopic caravan designed to fit on a small unbraked trailer with a gross capacity of 500 kilos. The Slidavan weighs about 300 kilos unladen and can be towed by the smallest of cars. For example, one of the smallest cars on the road, a Fiat Panda 1.2 has a towing capacity of 400 kilos giving a very respectable payload of 100 kilos. The Slidavan is fully insulated and has a full six foot of headroom throughout, two wide single berths or one large double. The roof can be raised in less than a minute.
The step by step illustrated instructions walk you through the entire build process. They include a lot of further information on all aspects of the build, from the materials you need and how to find and modify them. Unlike a traditional caravan, the Slidavan is constructed using the insulating layer as a structural element. This creates an extremely light but very strong structure. You do not need much space to build a Slidavan as the panels are made using the floor panel as a work surface. A Slidavan can easily be built in just a one car garage.

The Slidavan plans are metric but allow for the use of Imperial materials. The length of the Slidavan is based on the size of a sheet of plywood. No special materials or skills are needed to build a Slidavan but it will take about 200 hours to make one. If you buy all new parts to build your Slidavan it may cost about 3500 Euros which is a fraction of the cost of other small caravans available to buy today. The costs can be brought down considerably by using second hand parts.



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What makes the Slidavan special?