Unique because no full size patterns need to be printed or shipped and the digital plans (pdf) can be downloaded immediately. Unique because every design has been created from the very beginning to be as easy to build as possible mostly using easy to find materials which can often be reclaimed or bought locally second hand. Unique because only a few basic tools such as a jigsaw, drill, hand plane etc are needed. Unique because the designs are very adaptable, automatically compensating for variances in materials and small errors and allowing for high levels of personalisation.

It's not just the plans that are good, the designs are too. From the world's lightest nesting dinghy to the extraordinary Hoopy wooden bicycle, these are designs that have been tested and proven in the real world. Our dinghies might look flimsy but to this day no one has written to report putting a hole in one! They might not look stable but they are. People are always surprised when they try a Woodenwidget product, surprised because it doesn't just look great but it works really well, often better than many 'ready made' products.

It takes a long time to build a good reputation and a very short time to lose one so we strive hard to ensure our customers are happy. We think the best way to do this is to offer really good value plans for excellent products that you can really use and will last a very long time if you take care of them.

In every aspect of our business we try to reduce waste through intelligent design and thinking outside of the box. And if all that wasn't enough Woodenwidget will plant 5 trees on your behalf for every set of plans you buy. Almost from the beginning Woodenwidget have been planting trees because trees are cool and you can build things with them!

But what we really want is for everyone to have a go at making something because it just feels good. It's hard to describe the feeling you get when you hoist the sails on a small sailing boat you made entirely by yourself and set sail. You just don't get the same from a bought one. Every time you use your finished Woodenwidget design, built to your own personal specification, people will stop you and ask all sorts of questions, like who made it? You can look them proudly in the eye and say 'I did'.

It's our fondest wish that along the way Woodenwidget can encourage people to step outside their comfort zone and realise this: I can make something! With help from our step by step illustrated instructions you really can. Centuries ago if you wanted something you had to make it through necessity. Today we do it for fun. How lucky are we?

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Laminated ash tiller for Caraway, a Pacific Seacraft Flicka
Alexandra, a Knud Reimers 6mj racing yacht built during the war in 1943. Full restoration, including a new three ton lead keel and over 100 metres of new planking
Deep varnish with a brush on Volterra, an 85 foot super yacht
Blown Away, a 1937 Morgan Giles yacht, full restoration
A wooden dog and a wooden bee made with moving parts and coated with marine varnish for a life of abuse!
Teak and ash passerelle for Volterra
King plank detail on a teak deck
Elm dash for a Morris Minor
Copacabana, an André Mauric designed Pointu, full restoration

Woodenwidget was created by Benjy, a wooden boat builder, based in France

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Teak deck king plank
Alexandra, Knud Reimers 6mj racing yacht
ash and teak passerelle for super yacht
beautiful deep brushed varnish
Pig and dog made in wood
Copacabana, André Mauric designed pointu
Morris Minor elm dash
Pacific Seacraft Flicka Ash tiller
Blown Away, huge bone in her teeth, Cannes, France
Very few people make things any more and here at Woodenwidget we think that's a real shame. So back in 2006 we set out to do something about it and created unique illustrated plans that would allow almost anyone regardless of their woodworking experience to make something fun and useful.
Origami at Porquerolles
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