All Heirloom toys are one off. No two will ever be alike. These toys are designed with the child in mind. Almost any creature could be made but you must bear in mind that it has to be safe so can't have any sharp bits. There's no need to stop at Animals, we could make a car or a plane, whatever you want. It's always exciting designing a wooden toy.

The toys are made from the finest materials, glued together for a lifetime with yacht epoxy glue and are beautifully varnished for protection and easy cleaning.

Every toy is hand engraved with the owner's name and a scroll will be completed and inserted carefully into the toy. The scroll is a story of the toy, who owns it, where it was made, what it was made from and when it was made.

These toys are designed and created entirely by hand and they take about 40 hours to make. Consequently they can not be described as cheap. They will last for generations and are as much fun for Adults as they are for Children. Everyone can learn and appreciate the mechanism that makes the parts move. Where possible it's nice to have at least two lots of moving parts but much depends on the design. We work closely with the parents to create something absolutely unique and something that the child will love. Even today there is a place in this world for wooden toys.
Wooden dog
Wooden bee
This Bee was made for Ava, Phoebe's younger sister. It is made from contrasting Teak and Iroko wood and has flapping wings and a rotating sting. Like the dog, there are no sharp edges and the antennae are made from soft leather. It too has Ava's name engraved on it and has a scroll hidden in the base. It is deeply varnished with Epifanes Yacht Varnish (the choice of professionals)
This wooden dog was made for Phoebe. It is made from a piece of a pitch pine bowsprit with wheels of oak. The mouth goes up and down and the tail spins. It is engraved underneath with Phoebe's name and secreted away in a special place is a small scroll which details all the information about it's creation.
It is thickly varnished with Epifanes Yacht Varnish and assembled with epoxy glue. This is a toy to pass from one generation to the next. As of much interest to adults as children with it's open mechanism for all to see.
Wooden heirloom toys with moving parts