Q: How long will it take to build my Hoopy?
The Hoopy is a quick bicycle to build but even a simple bicycle has many parts. The whole frame can be cut out and glued in just a couple of days but it will take some time to varnish and modify and fit the bicycle parts. A simple Hoopy could be built in about 50 hours. 
Q: How much will a Hoopy cost to build?
There are about 120 Euros worth of parts which must be bought new but the remaining pieces can be salvaged or bought cheaply secondhand. A simple Hoopy can be built from about 300 Euros0
Q: Do you sell a Hoopy kit?
Sorry no, Hoopy is only available in plan form. But don't let this stop you! All you need is a jigsaw and a plane and you can cut out all the pieces yourself in just a few hours
Q: How much weight can a Hoopy carry?
The Hoopy has been tested with three adults or about 200 kilos.
Q: Can I adjust the seat height on the Hoopy?
The Hoopy works for adults of almost all sizes but you can change the seat height during the build and instructions for calculating the correct height and how to modify the design accordingly are included.
Q: What is the ideal rider height for a Hoopy?
Any rider from 5'2" (1.5m) to 6'4" (1.9m) will find the Hoopy comfy to ride. A taller rider simply sits back a bit further on the seat
The Hoopy is a lovely bike to ride. Comments are always favourable and the most common comment is that it's really smooth and comfortable. It is also capable, swift and fun to ride. It is well balanced and easy to ride 'no hands'.
Q: How much does Hoopy weigh?
A simple Hoopy with a single speed will probably weigh about 12 kilos. The Hoopy shown on this site has lights and a two speed hub and weighs about 14 kilos.
Q: How well does it ride?
Q: Can I personalise my Hoopy?
Most definitely! If you don't like the 'Hoop' design you can cut your own shapes in the frame (instructions are supplied). You can varnish it, paint it or even wrap it in vinyl. The possibilities are endless!
Q: I don't have any woodwork experience, can I still build a Hoopy bicycle?
Yes. If you can follow instructions, have a few basic tools and are willing to 'have a go' the plans will walk you through every single step of the build. From wood selection to the finished bicycle.
Q: What is the Q factor of the Hoopy?
The Q factor on the Hoopy is about 220 mm and although wider than normal is still very comfy and efficient. After all this is not a bicycle for the Tour de France!
Q: Tell me more about the plans
The metric Hoopy plans have over 130  pages and more than 200 photos and even bonus sections full of useful information. The plans come as a PDF file and are about 14 mb in size. The Plans can be downloaded immediately from this site via PayPal. You do not need to have a PayPal account, and you can pay with your credit card. Upon completion of your payment you will be given an option to either save or open the plans. Save the plans to your hard drive. You will receive an email confirmation.

If you prefer the more traditional method of purchase, please visit Duckworksbbs.com. Here you will be able to deal with real people. It will take a bit longer and it costs a little more but they are really nice people to do business with.

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