Q: How long will it take to build my Slidacab?
It will take about 300 hours to build a Slidacab. It is not a quick build. There are a lot of materials in it, 30 sheets of ply, 1000 screws and 15 litres of glue for example but it would make a great winter project.
Q: How much will a Slidacab cost to build?
Always a very subjective question but if you bought only new parts and materials you might expect a Slidacab to cost about 5000 Euros to build but the cost could be reduced dramatically using reclaimed materials and parts.
Q: Do you sell a Slidacab kit?
Sorry no, the Slidacab is only available in plan form. But don't let this stop you! All you need is easily available and no special skills are required.
Q: How much does a Slidacab weigh?
Expect a Slidacab to weigh about 300 kilos unladen so even with a small pick-up truck you should still be well within limits.
Q: The plans are metric can I build a Slidacab using Imperial materials?
Yes you can! The Slidacab will still have to be built using metric measurements but all the info you need is in the plans.  
Thanks to the Slidacab's light weight it's not hard to lift it up to pick-up bed height using no more than a couple of simple scissor jacks, two step ladders and a pair of simple wooden stands
The plans show how to make a Slidacab to fit on a 2004 Nissan Navara pick-up but they also explain how to measure up and modify the plans to make it fit on just about any pick up, even a small one.
Four gas struts lift the roof and a simple rope block and tackle brings it down again
Q: How does the lifting mechanism work?
Q: How do I get it on to my truck?
Q: Will it fit on my pick-up?
Q: I don't have any woodwork experience, can I still build a Slidacab?
Yes. If you can follow instructions, have a few basic tools and are willing to 'have a go' the plans will walk you through every single step of the build. From wood selection to the finished caravan. There is nothing difficult about building a Slidacab. It just takes some time. You will need a good sized flat bench and lots of clamps!
Q: Tell me more about the plans
The metric Slidacab plans have over 150 pages and more than 250 photos and even bonus sections full of useful information. The plans come as a PDF file and are about 15 mb in size. The plans can be downloaded immediately from this site via PayPal. You do not need to have a PayPal account, and you can pay with your credit card. Upon completion of your payment you will be given an option to either save or open the plans. Save the plans to your hard drive. You will receive an email confirmation.

If you prefer the more traditional method of purchase, please visit Duckworksbbs.com. Here you will be able to deal with real people. It will take a bit longer and it costs a little more but they are really nice people to do business with.

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